Small Prestivus is an annual creative arts gathering with a focus on the literary arts in the Small Press. Founded in 2015 by Julie Demoff-Larson, SP’s aim is to celebrate the diversity in small presses and promote the writers it represents. The backbone of Small Prestivus is the Small Press community, the DIY ethos that runs throughout… with that in mind, we honor the independent nature while remaining always inclusive.

SP 2015 was brought to you with the generous support and participation of these small presses, organizations, local businesses, and dedicated volunteers: Blotterature Literary Magazine, Lit Fest Press, The Literary Underground, the Town of Griffith, Dynamite Music, Grindhouse Cafe, Pokro Brewing Company, Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant, Lady’s Gourmet Popcorn, Unknown Press, Sundress Publications, Punk Hostage Press, Flying Turtle Publishing, Citizens for Decent Literature Press, Sala Creative Association, Twelve Winters Press, Red Fez Publications, Julie Demoff-Larson, Michele McDannold, Kayla Greenwell, Michelle L. Quinn, and Kelsie Plesac


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