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Small Prestivus 2016 Get the Tents!

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What We Are

In 2015, Julie Demoff-Larson and Michele McDannold (with the help of many volunteers & sponsors) came together to create Small Prestivus , an annual event that celebrates the small press community and its writers. Small Prestivus is a graas-roots effort that provides a weekend of literary arts events (along with musicians and visual arts) for the community at no cost.

What We Need

The founders of Small Prestivus are working diligently to fund this grass roots, community driven event through the help of volunteers and sponsors.  As with anything self-supported comes great financial hurdles. This year, SP 2016 is looking to the community to help fund the purchase of three 20×20 tents with side panels, and three 20×10 tents with side panels for a total cost of $2000.

party tent

Now, we know that this seems like a staggering price for tents, and that’s because it is! In the past, we have borrowed many of the tents from friends and family, but because of limited time for pick-up and delivery it makes more sense for us to purchase our own for continual use thus eliminating any cost that may be necessary in the future. And not only do we plan on using the tents year after year, we also plan on leasing them throughout the year to help fund Small Prestivus. This way we can continue to keep the cost to writers and small presses who participate extremely low. And who knows, we might be able to offer even more to the small press writing community—as in stipends. Wha? You heard us—stipends!


We are on our way to meeting our goal and appreciate any gift you can give. If you would like to donate please go to:

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