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Shaindel Beers
The Children’s War and Other Poems (Salt Publishing, 2013)
A Brief History of Time (Salt Publishing, 2009)

Jane L. Carman
TANGLED IN MOTION (Journal of Experimental Fiction Books, 2015)
limited first edition unavailable elsewhere for $20.
Second edition retail $15.95 Small Prestivus special $10.

Sylvia Cavanaugh 
Staring Through My Eyes, by Sylvia Cavanaugh (2016, Finishing Line Press) press website:

Curtis L. Crisler
Don’t Moan So Much (Stevie): A Poetry Musiquarium. Collection of poetry, Somerville:
Kattywompus, 2016.
“This” Ameri-can-ah. Collection of poetry, DC: Cherry Castle Publishing, 2016.
Pulling Scabs. Collection of poetry, Detroit: Willow Books, Aquarius Press, 2009.
Tough Boy Sonatas. Collection of poetry, Pennsylvania: Wordsong, Boyds Mills Press, Inc.,(in its Fourth printing).
Dreamist: a mixed-genre novel. Collection of poetry and prose, Detroit: Jordan’s Rainbow (YA), Aquarius Press. 2011.
Black Achilles. Collection of poetry (chapbook), Lexington, KT: Accents Publishing, 2015.

Michael Grover
Lockewood/The Wolves Of Lockewood

The Hartford Avenue Poets 
Masquerades and Misdemeanors, by The Hartford Avenue Poets (2013, Pebblebrook Press) press website:
ISBN: 9781484826720

Tolonda Henderson
Double Stuffed (Self-Published), chapbook
Hear It (Self-Published), chapbook

Jackie Huppenthal
Various photos and notecards

Jen Knox
After the Gazebo (Rain Mountain Press, 2015), Short Stories “Complex, assured stories that describe the complications of love and need with perfect pitch.” —Kirkus

Karen Kulinski
Rescuing Ivy, (High Hill Press, 2015)

Judy Lachance-Whitcomb

Lennart Lundh
from Writing Knights Press
Four Poems, $1.00
Pictures of an Other Day, $6.00
So Careless of Themselves, $6.00
After the Wolves, $7.00 (short fiction)

Fifth April, 1973, $3.00
Hitchhikers in Mississippi, 1936, $6.00
Poems Against Cancer 2014, $6.00
Poems Against Cancer 2015, $6.00
Poems Against Cancer 2016, $6.00


Lit Fest Press Titles and Special Offers: 

Proofread or Die! Writings by Former Students & Colleagues of David Foster Wallace Charles B. Harris, Ed.
Retail $26.99   Small Prestivus Price $18.00
Creative works of fiction, nonfiction, and drama influenced by David Foster Wallace and his impact on former students and colleagues from Wallace’s time spent at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.

We are traveling through dark at tremendous speeds. 
Sarah Sadie
Retail $15.00   Small Prestivus Price $10.00

Zuzu’s Petals
Jeff Jarot
Retail $15.00   Small Prestivus Price $10.00

Infinite Lego: Reimagining David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest Through LEGO
(full-color interior)
Ryan M. Blanck
Retail $26.99   Small Prestivus Price $20.00
(black and white interior)
Retail $16.00  Small Prestivus special price $10.00.

Beyond Bulrush
Jeannie E. Roberts
Retail $16.00   Small Prestivus Price $10.00

Scribblings of a Madman
Paul Tristram
Retail $19.95   Small Prestivus Price $14.00

James D. Sullivan
Retail $16.00   Small Prestivus Price $10.00

Bernd Sauermann
Retail $15.00   Small Prestivus Price $10.00

The Whisper Gallery
Nate Maxson
Retail $16.00   Small Prestivus Price $10.00

Normal 2014: Collected Works from the First Annual DFW Conference
Emily Brutton, Carissa Kampmeier, and Ashlie M. Kontos, Eds.
Retail $26.00   Small Prestivus Price $14.00

Normal 2015: Collected Works from the Second Annual DFW Conference
Carissa Kampmeier, Ashlie M. Kontos, Brian Monday, and Emily Brutton, Eds.
Retail $26.99   Small Prestivus Price $17.00
Selected works form the Second Annual David Foster Wallace conference at Illinois State University, which drew a wildly diverse attendance from across the globe including Australia, Germany, and Italy and beyond. This international conference was founded by Jane L. Carman to honor the work and memory of David Foster Wallace.

Scattershot: Collected Fictions
Amy L. Eggert
Retail $16.00   Small Prestivus Price $10.00
There will be one limited edition signed copy with actual bullet holes through the book available for $100.00

Night Chorus
Joani Reese
Retail $15.00   Small Prestivus Price $10.00

Bill Yarrow
Retail $16.00   Small Prestivus Price $10.00

Reliquary of Debt
Wendy Vardaman
Retail $16.00   Small Prestivus Price $10.00

Martin Nakell
Retail $16.00   Small Prestivus Price $10.00

Festival of Language / Lit Fest Press Sunglasses
$3.00 or free with the purchase of two Lit Fest Press titles

Festival of Language / Lit Fest Press / Festival Writer / Metaphorplay various t-shirts
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Festival of Language / Lit Fest Press pens with Stylus
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Magic Hour Writers
A Magic Hour Family Christmas

Bob Moulesong
Magic: Door in the Floor (Vol 1), (Pen It, 2016)
The Adventures of Rugs: Slow Down Rugs! (Vol 1), (Pen It, 2016)

Punk Hostage Press
Punk Hostage Press Titles:

Pleasant Gehman 
Showgirl Confidential (1)

Jack Griffin
Untamed (1)

S.A. Griffin
Dreams Gone Mad With Hope (1)

Joel Landmine
Yeah, Well… (2)

Michele McDannold       
Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days (10)

Alexandra Naughton
I Will Always Be Your Whore: Love Songs for Billy Corgan (2)

Alexandra Naughton
You Could Never Objectify Me More Than I’ve Already Objectified Myself (2)

Lee Quarnstrom
When I Was A Dynamiter (2)

Nadia Bruce-Rawlings
Scars (1)

A. Razor
Beaten Up, Beaten Down (2)

Hannah Wehr 
Thugness Is A Virtue (2)

A.D. Winans
Dead Lions (1)

Luis Rivas
Random Acts of Terror (8)

Shadows in the Attic
Artwork and Literary Accessories

This Is Poetry Volume 1: Women of the Small Press (3)
Citizens for Decent Literature Press $15.00

This Is Poetry Volume 2: The Midwest Poets (4)
Citizens for Decent Literature Press $15.00

Ed Werstein 
Who Are We Then?, by Ed Werstein (2013, Partisan Press) press website
ISBN: 1-883458-80-3

Bill Yarrow
Pointed Music, Poetry CD, $10.00

The CD has readings of 38 poems from Pointed Sentences set to music by the Boston composer Ray Fahrner. The music was specifically composed for each poem–all different styles (jazz, rock, classical, tango, folk, country, Caribbean, boogie woogie, etc) and instruments (heavy-metal guitar, Spanish guitar, folk guitar, balalaika, flute, jazz piano, percussion, bagpipes, “bones,” etc .) The CD also has a booklet of the 38 poems.