Schedule of Events

Where: Griffith, Indiana—venues include Central Park,
Pokro Brewing Co,  Wildrose Brewing Co

When: July 23-24, 2016 at various times


ATTENTION: July 22—Salon Readings at Grindhouse Café has been cancelled!

July 23Book Fair and Workshops 10 AM-4 PM,
Central Park, N. Broad Street, Griffith, Indiana

Festival of Language *available reading slots throughout fair
Please contact Jane Carmen to sign up at
Space is limited so act now!

Featured Reading w/One Shot Open Mic 7 PM, Wildrose Brewing Co, 1104 East Street

Readers: Mark James Andrews, Shaindel Beers, Curtis Cristler, Tolonda Henderson, Karl Koweski, Jen Knox, Lennart Lundh, Roberta Miles, T.A. Noonan, Josh Olsen, Bill Yarrow

Musicians: James Neary, Patti Shaffner and David Cowan, Fragile Soul

July 24—A Day of Cool Stuff! at Pokro Brewing Company, 311 N. Broad Street

Literary Orphans Reading 12-3PM

Readers: Jonathan Cardew,  A.S. Coomer, Nina Corwin, Allegra Frazier, Lucy Logsdon, Joani Reese, Robert Vaughan,  Bill Yarrow, Scott Waldyn

a reading eXperiment with Jane Carmen from Lit Fest Press    3-5PM

       *Prestivus favorite–this is the dopest time you will have all year!
Everyone participates!